Univerzita Karlova v Praze


The Charles University in Prague (CUNI) is an autonomous public University that was founded in 1348. It represents the oldest and currently the biggest University in the Czech Republic with 16 faculties providing broad spectrum of tertiary education at the national level.

First Faculty of Medicine (www.lf1.cuni.cz) provides undergraduate Baccalaureate and Masters studies in medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutritional therapy and health care management as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies in broad range of scientific disciplines. Its scientific output and outstanding academic education profile ranks First Faculty of Medicine among the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Social and clinical gerontology education and research is realized through Department of Geriatrics. This site serves as research and teaching centre in geriatric medicine, geriatric nursing, elderly care and gerontology in the country and is involved in clinical and health service research. The centre is a member of the IAGG Global Aging Research Network GARN and former GERONTONET. In the last 10 years numerous national and  EC funded research projects have been  or are being conducted: ADHOC (FP6), CLESA (FP6), European Forum on Aging (FP5), NUTRI-SENEX(FP6), PREDICT (FP7), SHELTER (FP7), currently MID-Frail (FP7), MPI-AGE (FP7) and SPRINTT (IMI).

The research team poses excellent skills and knowledge for conducting observational and intervention studies in the field of medicine (clinical gerontology), long term care and health system research. The team will participate as a Research Group coordinating regional participating centres and supervising conduct of SPRINTT randomized controlled clinical trial in the EE region involving Czech Republic and Poland. The research team has relevant and complementary expertise in all components of multi-modal intervention in geriatric patients, in collection and interpretation of clinical health data and in dissemination activities. International standardized assessment instruments have been validated in Czech Republic.