Caretek s.r.l.


Caretek S.r.l. is a SME company founded in February 10th, 2010 to develop and distribute tele-homecare and Remote Monitoring solutions for elderly and frail people, living alone or suffering from chronic diseases .

The company leans on ADAMO, an innovative solution composed of a wearable device (aesthetically a wristwatch) and a base station acting as home gateway. The watch communicates with the base station which elaborates, manages and transmits information and requests for assistance to a service center via mobile network, GSM/GPRS.

Like any other system for tele-assistance or tele-emergency services, both the base station and the watch have a ‘panic button’ which allows the user, if conscious, to send a request for help which is relayed to a service center. But ADAMO does much more. In fact, it is able to identify emergency situations including a fall with consequent loss of consciousness on the part of the user or inability to press the panic button in order to send automatically an alarm signal to the service center.

ADAMO is also able to monitor environmental parameters, making possible to anticipate critical situations and prevent them. Just to give an example, heat stroke, an emergency which numerous aged people suffer each year may be easily avoided. Moreover it is possible to monitor the status of the devices (battery charge, radio interferences) and to get operative parameters such as if the user wears or not the watch or if the watch is under the radio coverage of the home gateway (actually the user domicile). This information is integrated with the employ of GPS trackers in order to extend the monitoring services also outdoor. Finally the Adamo system provides also a Bluetooth interface onboard the base Station, making easy the integration of medical devices like pulse-oxymeters, blood pressure monitoring devices, scales, ECG, blood sugar devices, podometers and so on. This means that it is possible to implement tele-medicine services creating a modular and scalable technological platform answering all the needs for frailty and active aging programs.

Caretek also provides solutions for the service centres, from customized PBX able to process data coming from the deployed Adamo base stations, to the whole software platform managing user data, monitoring data and event notifications, thus supporting the operator in delivering the remote care services. This is accomplished with a modular SW architecture based on the employ of DB for storing information, dedicated server application for data processing and client application providing the final user interface to the operators.

It’s also present a solution for analyzing data collected by the different devices, based on innovative big data technology that allows to care givers deep analysis about the patient health condition and the patient living environment.

Caretek is able to design and develop customized solutions supporting frailty and active aging programs. Today Caretek cooperates as technical partner with both private call centres and no-profit organizations in Italy.

Relevant skills/expertise:

Caretek, in cooperation with its main industrial partner Consoft Sistemi, keeps on performing R&D activities in order to integrate the edge of the state of the art in its offer and give significant contribution participating in:

• Smart Communities Clusters ( Lombardia and Piedmont)

• Cluster Technologies for Life Environments ( Lombardia)

• National Technological Cluster for Smart Communities – ICT and MESAP Innovation thought Torino Wireless.