1. About the project

In a nutshell, what is the overall goal of the project? 

The SPRINTT project is focused at providing all the necessary information and tools for identifying and treating a specific subpopulation of older persons at risk of mobility disability (loss of independence) showing precise clinical, biological, and functional characteristics. In particular, SPRINTT is specifically aimed at providing a clear, objective, scientifically-based and clinically-relevant operational definition of Physical Frailty & Sarcopenia (PF&S). A major resource of SPRINTT will be the conduction of a large-scale randomized clinical trial aimed at testing the effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention (based on physical activity, nutritional counselling, and innovative technologies) vs. a health educational program in preventing mobility disability in community-dwelling older persons with PF&S. This clinical trial will provide information on the prevalence of PF&S among European older adults and will test a novel strategy to prevent disability in this vulnerable population.