3RD ASIAN CONFERENCE FOR FRAILTY AND SARCOPENIA (ACFS 2017), 27th-28th October 2017, Gyeonggi-do Province (Korea)

perjantai, 27 lokakuu, 2017 to lauantai, 28 lokakuu, 2017

The ACFS has emerged as a leader in research on frailty and sarcopenia, bringing practical solutions to healthcare teams in Asia where population aging is an increasingly urgent concern.

Interest and participation in past ACFS conferences have created great opportunities for geriatricians and researchers to network and collaborate.

The Korean Geriatrics Society (KGS) is proud to host the upcoming ACFS 2017 and plans to welcome around 300 experts from Asia and beyond. A stimulating scientific program will feature the most current topics related to Frailty and Sarcopenia together with ample occasions to socialize and build friendships.

The conference will be organized at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), Healthcare Innovation Park, Gyeonggi-do Province, Korea.

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