INSERM-Toulouse University UMR1027 (Toulouse, France)


The epidemiological approach is common to all of the teams. It is based around the implementation of specific tools, and notably numerous studies, both cross-sectional and longitudinal. Another feature of our unit is that it possesses three disease registers: the Haute-Garonne coronary disease register, the Tarn cancer register, and the Haute-Garonne register of childhood disabilities. This original system enables the exchange of knowledge and data.

The unit is composed of 6 teams:

Team 1 : Aging and Alzheimer disease: from observation to intervention.

Team 2 : SPHERE - Study of Perinatal, paediatric and adolescent Health: Epidemiology, surveillance Reports and Evaluation of clinical interventions and services

Team 3 : The epidemiology of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases: risk factors and management in the population.

Team 4 : Genomics, biotherapy and public health:interdisciplinary approach.

Team 5 : Cancer and chronic diseases: social inequalities in health, access to primary and secondary care.

Team emergent : Pharmacoepidemiology, assessment of drug utilisation and drug safety.