Diabetes Frail


Diabetes Frail was established in 2014 and has been validated by the European Union as a key research organisation in the field of older people, diabetes and frailty. Diabetes Frail is the world's first not-for-profit organisation devoted to the study of diabetes and related metabolic disease and the association with frailty. The organisation was founded by Professor Alan Sinclair to further his work as a research pioneer in the field of diabetes and older people at both a national and international level.  SPRINTT is among seven high profile international research trials which are currently being undertaken by Diabetes Frail in order to further explore the emerging importance of frailty as a better-defined concept in ageing populations and its association with diabetes.

The Clinical Trials Unit for Diabetes Frail is situated within the Medici Medical Practice. The Medici is a Luton-based General Practice where Professor Sinclair provides specialist diabetes advice. This partnership developed from a previous collaboration between Professor Sinclair and Dr Ashok Sahdev, a senior partner at the practice. The Medici is a modern and well-equipped building and the practice has significant interests in teaching, training and research with a dedicated team of highly-trained staff and a considerable practice list of patients for potential inclusion in a number of studies. The Practice covers all areas of Luton and offers a range of health services as well as having excellent links with the nearby Luton and Dunstable Hospital. The Medici Medical Centre also has a special relationship with other nearby General Practices in the area, which allows the potential inclusion of a greater cohort of patients in research activity. The Practice offers proactive, personalised care to meet the needs of the large number of older people in its population and has a range of enhanced services, including in dementia and end of life care.