14th EUGMS Congress: “Advancing Geriatric Medicine in a Modern World”, 10-12 October 2018, Berlin (Germany)

Wednesday, 10 October, 2018 to Friday, 12 October, 2018

This edition of the Congress will be targeted at specialists and healthcare professionals sharing the same interest in geriatric medicine: geriatricians, internists, general practitioners, neurologist and physicians from other disciplines, nurses, therapists, gerontologists, researchers and scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists as well at anyone taking care of older patients, in order to understand the medical, clinical and psycho-social approaches to geriatric diseases.

Preliminary main topics:

• Differentiating ageing and disease in old age

• Tackling immunosenescence in geriatric patients

•Evolving definitions: sarcopenia and malnutrition

• Innovations in sarcopenia therapy

• Assessment and treatment of multi-morbidity

• Individualized polypharmacy – True progress?

• Innovations of pharmacotherapy in geriatric patients

• Traumatic brain injuries after falls

• The changing spectrum of fragility fractures

• Has the future arrived? IT- based diagnostics versus standard CGA

• Modifying intensive care and the emergency department for older patients

• Rehabilitation in patients with cognitive and emotional disorders

• Palliative care in persons with dementia

• New concepts of care for geriatric patients in the community



• The future of frailty concept

• National plans on dementia across Europe

• IT-based training in geriatric patients

• Precision (P4) medicine as the future of geriatric medicine

• Present and future pharmacotherapy of dementia

• Individualized therapy of arterial hypertension in older age

Picture of Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany