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Estimation of sarcopenia prevalence using various assessment tools

C. Beaudart, J.Y. Reginster, J. Slomian, et al.

Experimental Gerontology.2015;61:31-7

This study aims to evaluate the prevalence of sarcopenia in relation to the assessment tool used in the measurement of the variables related to muscle mass, muscle strength and physical performance. The results obtained showed that the prevalence of sarcopenia varies between 8.4% and 27.6% in relation to the method used. Furthermore, it was observed that the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) tends to overestimate muscle mass compared to the X-ray absorptiometry dual energy (DXA). As regards the muscle strength, it is observed that the pneumatic dynamometer allowed to diagnose the double of the sarcopenic subjects compared to hydraulic dynamometer.